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Fwd: Glance registry


Ok problem solved :) pacemaker was messing with Glance : 
May 21 11:02:15 vs12 lrmd: [4089]: WARN: p_glance-registry:start process (PID 10888) timed out (try 1).  Killing with signal SIGTERM (15).
So I just updated the primitive and set a timeout of 100 seconds, now it works like a charm


Début du message réexpédié :

> De : Razique Mahroua <razique.mahroua@xxxxxxxxx>
> Objet : Glance registry
> Date : 21 mai 2013 16:24:15 UTC+02:00
> À : Openstack Maillist <openstack@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Hi guys,
> I'm currently facing some Glance issues, when I run glance add, I often have that error : 
> http://pastie.org/7939182
> the Glance-registry process basically just dies - and i can't find anything into the logs. I suspect my soft raid on the server which somehow kills the process.
> Do you guys already faced that issue? My other question was : does glance-registry moves the files to /tmp first to /var/lib/glance/images or does it move them directly to /var/lib/glance/images?
> is it possible to tune glance-registry?
> regards,
> Razique