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[Quantum & OVS] How to bi-direction communicate between VM instances and "old" LAN network(s)


Hi, i deployed a Openstack Grizzly cluster with Quantum using network-model
*"Per-tenant Routers with Private Networks"*. Everything is ok.

Now, i need to communicate (bi-direction) between VM network(s) and "old"
LAN network(s) of old server farm. (,, v.v...)

I added a network card to Network-node and plug it to a LAN network (
But still not yet figured out how i can achieve it (old server farm can
connect to VM instance and vice-versa)

Could you help me, pls? Thanks a lot, folks!

*PS:* I attach my network topology in this mail for reference.
I think that, maybe I need to create a new "br-ex" for LAN, create
port/interface in router of each tenant, then add a LAN IP (192.168.3.x) to
Then add route to to

But "how to implement it" still not clear... :-(

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