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Re: Swift questions


Hey Mark,

On Wed, May 22, 2013 at 8:59 AM, Mark Brown <ntdeveloper2002@xxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> Thank you for the responses Chuck.
> As part of a rebalance, the replicator, I would assume, copies the object
> from the old partition to the new partition, and then deletes it from the
> old partition. Is that a fair assumption?

That is correct, the replicators will replicate the data in the partition
at the new location.  The server that has the old data will delete it once
it is certain that data is available in all replicas.

> Also, is there anything that explains in more detail how the handoff node
> is picked? What if the ring changes and the data still lives on the handoff
> node?

I don't think there is currently any documentation that describes how
handoff nodes are picked.  Handoff nodes can be used for a variety of
reasons, including when servers are down, or not responding.  The server
that has handoff partitions is always responsible for getting the data to
the correct location.

There is some more detailed information on replication at:


(if you haven't read it yet)


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