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Internet access within launched instances too slow


Hi All,

I have a multinode setup of Openstack-Grizzly release with Networking node
as a separate machine. I am able to successfully bring up instances and
ping to google from within the instances. Everything is working fine except
the speed of internet access from within the instances.

When I try to "wget <file>" or do "apt-get update", its taking a lot of
time(1 hr 40 mins for apt-get update). However, if I do the same on the
physical compute-nodes or on the network-node, it updates within seconds. I
am not sure why the network access within the instances is so slow which on
the other hand is quite fast on the hosts.

Any pointers or steps to debug the issue would be really helpful. Please
let me know how I can debug this scenario.

Thanks and Regards
Rahul Sharma

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