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nova cells minimal setup


Hello everyone,

Nova-cells filter has been merged now, so I'd like to make use of them
and set up an installation for a proof of concept.

My goal is to create new filters and then spawn instances in a demo.

- Global: Horizon, Keystone, Glance
- API cell: nova-api, nova-conductor, nova-cells, nova-network (flat),
mysql, rabbitmq
- child cells: nova-cells, nova-conductor, nova-cert, nova-scheduler,
nova-compute-qemu; cinder-*, mysql, rabbitmq

1. Is the above all services I need to spawn instances from Horizon
without errors?

2. Do I need cinder-* (or nova-volume)? Is it really optional now?

3. Do I need nova-network (or quantum-*)? I know quantum-* does not have to run when spawning instances, but I guess I need it to create a
network for a tenant in the first place!?

Thanks for your help


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