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Re: Reg: Nova System Architecture


Hi again,

You would need a compute driver for a hypervisor supporting a distributed
virtual machine.
I have a very limited knowledge of server virtualization and nova drivers,
but I don't think such driver exists for nova.

In fact, I don't think a hypervisor which does that is generally available
at the moment.
You probably might look at tools such as PVM or OpenMP.


On 30 May 2013 19:54, Dhanasekaran Anbalagan <bugcy013@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> HI Aaron,
> I would like to know how the sharing of resources happening in OpenStack.
> Assume that there are two compute nodes of 4 physical cores each with 16 GB
> of Physical RAM each, would I be able to start an instance with 8 cores and
> 32 Gb of RAM. How this is handled in Openstack.
> -Dhanasekaran.
> Did I learn something today? If not, I wasted it.