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[Swift] Storage Server Redirection


I'm looking at tacking this item:


and wanted to get some feedback on the following observations/thoughts:

1) This is a capability that would be checked in independent of other blueprints that might use it (2 are mentioned in the link above) and unit test code would be the only way to initially exercise it; it essentially enables other activities at this point

2) The basic idea is that an object server (via middleware or otherwise) will be given the ability to respond to a request to indicate 'not me but I know who should handle this'.  I'm thinking this makes more sense as a 5xx response with additional information (partition, nodes) about the route included in the response body (as opposed to a 3xx code)

3) The proxy server will be modified to process the response accordingly but using the partition, nodes info from the response as opposed to object_ring.get_nodes() to determine which nodes to use

4) Protection will be required to avoid endless redirection loops

5) This applies only to GET operations

Appreciate any thoughts/feedback.,  In addition to the two usages of this capability referenced in the blueprint I think there's applicable to another Tiering blueprint which interests me as well.


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