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how to config nova-schedule


Hi all,

I'm new to openstack, I read the manual to study about it's scheduling.

I find that there are other schedulers (chance, multi, and simple
scheduler). How can I config to change the schedule in nova?

By default there is "compute_scheduler_driver =
nova.scheduler.filter_scheduler.FilterScheduler" in nova.conf file. It will
call host_manager to apply all the filters (RetryFilter,
AvailabilityZoneFilter, RamFilter,...) is defined in there right? and so we
just change those filters if we want to archive our requires?

I just try to find how to allocate an instance. For example, we want to
create 2 instances both are require lot of CPU, it will be allocated in two
different hosts. In case of one is require CPU, and another one is just
require I/O, it will be allocated in the same host. Any idea?


Nguyen Quoc Vu