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Getting DevStack networking working


Hi all!

I've been struggling the past couple of days on getting a working DevStack
so I can start contributing to the Heat project. The problems I've been
running into are largely networking related. I've tried a number of
combinations, like using latest git checkouts vs stable/grizzly for the
various projects, and nova-network vs quantum.

The two common behaviors I'm seeing are

1. if I use nova-network, I can't route to the guest VMs at all, with
private or public IP
2. if I use quantum, I can route into the guest VMs, and they can route to
each other, but I can't route out to the Internet (via tthe host network).

#2 is really close to working, and I wonder if it's just the thing to be
expected. If that's the case, what should I be doing to get the VMs to be
able to route to the outside world? For what it's worth, I followed the
instructions at https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/QuantumDevstack to get
quantum-on-devstack working. I'm using the single-node setup.

I hope to start contributing a lot to the OpenStack project soon!

IRC: radix
Christopher Armstrong

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