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Re: Folsom's `nova-compute` reports wrong amount of free disk space



regarding this question:

On 6 June 2013 13:12, Riccardo Murri <riccardo.murri@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> (2) Most disk space seems to be wasted by old (and presumably failed)
>     image conversion attempts in `/var/lib/nova/instances/_base`.  How
>     can we clean those up?  Can we just delete the files or some
>     special care / database edit is needed?

We have found that the default setting
`image_cache_manager_interval=0` effectively *disables* the image
cache manager, but it still shows up as running in the logs. I've
reported this as a bug:


After setting image_cache_manager_interval to >0, the nova-compute
process took care of wiping the unused base files and now the nodes
are functional again.


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