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[Swift] Swift load balancing


Hello folks,
I wanted to check and see what others are using in the case of a Swift installation with multiple proxy servers for load balancing/distribution. Based on my reading, the approaches used are DNS round robin, or SW load balancers such as Pound, or HW load balancers. I am really interested in finding out what others have been using in their installations. Also, if there are issues that you have seen related to the approach you are using, and any other information you think would help would be greatly appreciated.

As I understand it, DNS round robin does not check the state of the service behind it, so if a service goes down, DNS will still send the record and the record requires manual removal(?). Also, I am not sure how well it scales or if there are any other issues. About Pound, I am not sure what kind of resources it expects and what kind of scalability it has, and yet again, what other issues have been seen.

Real world examples and problems seen by you guys would definitely help in understanding the options better.


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