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How to deploy OpenStack on thousands of nodes?


Hi All,

We are currently trying to deploy OpenStack on thousands of nodes. We
are using Grizzly stable version and Ubuntu 12.04.2. However, the big
problem we meet now is the network topology. If we want to use HA
(haproxy + keepalived) for the controller nodes on which *-apis are
running as well as network nodes which are deployed across different
VLANs (VLANs can reach each other by setting gateways), e.g and, HA would not work correctly. Also we
found that rabbitmq could not work when nova-* services were deployed
across different subnets.

Thus, we want to know whether HA and rabbitmq can be used across
subnets? If it not true, we can only deploy them in a single flat
layer 2 net, which seems unfeasible in real-world because of
broadcast storms...


Kylin CG

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