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Re: Vlan or Gre on Switch


Could you help me? i have configure like this on ovs_quantum_plugin.ini
sql_connection = mysql://quantum:quantum@
reconnect_interval = 2
enable_tunneling = True
tenant_network_type = gre
tunnel_id_ranges = 1:1000
local_ip =
integration_bridge = br-int
tunnel_bridge = br-tun
polling_interval = 2
and not work if attached to switch

when i direct connected both of node it's working (can assign ip to instance etc)


On 6/26/2013 2:55 PM, Sergey Skripnick wrote:

Sure you can use GRE tunnel on unmanaged switch.

Hello, i'm new in here
- Does vlan tagging that connected between network node and compute node need a manageable switch? - Can i used GRE tunnel on unmanaged switch? is that possible? or vlan configuration on unmanage switch? so i can add more compute node.

Mahardhika Gilang

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