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Suggestions on how to filter an host


Hi all,

We are using OpenStack Folsom and we recently got a quite "fat" node
with a lot of ram that we want to use only for specific instances run
by a specific tenant.
We will also need to create a specific flavor that should be available
only to this tenant, so that users not belonging to that tenant
wouldn't see it.

My question is thus: how can I
1) create a "private" flavor (nova flavor-create --is-public 0 is not enough)
2) allow only that specific flavor to run on that specific machine.

Of course, any alternative solution would be good for us :)


P.S. as far as I know, correct me if I am wrong, on Folsom private
flavors are just flavors not listed on horizon or via nova
flavor-list, there is no concept of "private-to-a-tenant" flavor

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