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Team member wanted


Dear All    My name is Peter. We have built the download page of pandora http://peter.kingofcoders.com/?p=734 , we want to enhance it, and want some team members, we want to achieve these:
Using openstack to setup many VMs, run apache/mysql cluster/mongo DB cluster on it, when the user launch a new VM, that VM will be auto-configured to join the cluster, network will be working and the node will be working too. So I think we need some kind of "config engine" running inside the VM, receiving the command from Pandora, doing all the configs and make it work. The idea is not fixed into apache/mysql/mongo, i just familiar with them so i choose them for a good start.
This goal is interesting, imagine you build a cloud, when the traffic goes up, you just launch more VM to join the cluster, this is helping people.
Challenge:    1) config engine should be able to config all the things, and it should be able to config many kinds of servers   2) networking part is very challenging to me, not sure what is the best network config settings   3) need people to do real coding

Thanksfrom Peter 		 	   		  

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