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Memory meters from ceilometer



I am running openstack on an Ubuntu 12.04 desktop 64-bit virtual machine. I
am trying to use ceilometer to get the CPU and memory utilization from my
compute node on a KVM host which has a few VM's running on it.

However, this is the list of meters I get from ceilometer:

cpu, cpu_util, disk.read.bytes, disk.write.bytes, disk.read.requests,
disk.write.requests, image, image.size, image.download, instance,
instance:m1.small, network.incoming.bytes, network.outgoing.bytes,
network.incoming.packets, network.outgoing.packets

Why am I not getting memory usage meters? I don't see the logs to have any
interpretation of this. Here is my ceilometer config


Thanks and regards,

Jobin Raju George

Third Year, Information Technology

College of Engineering Pune

Alternate e-mail: georgejr10.it@xxxxxxxxxx

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