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Re: [openstack-dev] [cinder] Proposal for Ollie Leahy to join cinder-core



I'm sorry to do that, and it really has nothing to do with Ollie or his
work (which I appreciate very much).  The main reason is that right now
Cinder core has 8 members:
1. Avishay Traeger (IBM)
2. Duncan Thomas (HP)
3. Eric Harney (RedHat)
4. Huang Zhiteng (Intel)
5. John Griffith (SolidFire)
6. Josh Durgin (Inktank)
7. Mike Perez (DreamHost)
8. Walt Boring (HP)

Adding another core team member from HP means that 1/3 of the core team is
from HP.  I believe that we should strive to have the core team be as
diverse as possible, with as many companies as possible represented (big
and small alike).  I think that's one of the keys to keeping a project
healthy and on the right track (nothing against HP - I would say the same
for IBM or any other company).  Further, we appointed two core members
fairly recently (Walt and Eric), and I don't feel that we have a shortage
at this time.

Again, nothing personal against Ollie, Duncan, HP, or anyone else.


From:	Duncan Thomas <duncan.thomas@xxxxxxxxx>
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Date:	07/17/2013 06:18 PM
Subject:	[openstack-dev] [cinder] Proposal for Ollie Leahy to join

Hi Everybody

I'd like to propose Ollie Leahy for cinder core. He has been doing
plenty of reviews and bug fixes, provided useful and tasteful negative
reviews (something often of far higher value than a +1) and has joined
in various design discussions.


Duncan Thomas
Cinder Core, HP Cloud Services

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