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Cannot Associate floating IP to Instance


HI All! Jake again,

I am unable to assign a floating ip address to my instance with the error:

Error: External network ed657653-639f-48f2-bbb1-5be2f78fd6d1 is not reachable from subnet 2d011f08-0609-4a88-9c25-3d7fc1290d6b. 
Therefore, cannot associate Port f2a0789c-fb70-4448-88b1-2f5f5965fc1f with a Floating IP

Network ed65.... is my public network 
Subnet 2d01... is my subnet for the public network
Port f2a07... is my port for my public network.

Public network subnet is with the gateway
Interface for the Public Network Router shows Status= DOWN

I have two NICs on my server:
1. eth0

2. eth0
Gateway: none

Any ideas? I tried entering a gateway for eth0 but no love.