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Issue in debugging OpenStack Swift


Hi all,

I wanted to debug Swift source code. I have a Devstack setup running on my
machine that i have configured to only run keystone, mysql and swift.

I have used pdb to debug source code. I was able to debug
python-swiftclient, middleware (common), and proxy-server code. However,
when i try to debug Object Server of Swift, by issuing pdb.set_trace() call
in diskwrite or any write function in /swift/obj/server.py (except
constructor) and than issue a 'swift post' or 'swift upload' command from
other terminal, the object server crashes. The screen of s-object shows an
error in the line in which 'pdb.set_trace()' is called.

Can someone please guide me how can i debug the Swift s-object code in
/swift/obj/server.py. Thanks.

Muhammad Kazim

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