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VM monitoring design brainstorm


Hi All   https://www.dropbox.com/s/vuipa1a2ilw7z9p/titan-instance-design-20130621.png  I am designing the VM monitor screen. I have asked many people, some of them used VMware for few years but their requirements are simple, most of the people told me they just need to know the CPU+RAM+network information. But I think i can do a little bit more. For example, I think it is good to record these information1) CPU+RAM+network for each app running inside the VM. So people can see why the VM so busy.2) If you are running a web server inside the VM, it would be nice to know how many concurrent connection to your server, right?3) If you are running MySQL cluster, it is nice to tell you which query is eating the memory
Any other good idea?
Thanksfrom Peter 		 	   		  

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