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[Merge] lp:~jtv/orchestra/odev-restart into lp:~orchestra/orchestra/odev


The proposal to merge lp:~jtv/orchestra/odev-restart into lp:~orchestra/orchestra/odev has been updated.

Description changed to:

This should make it easier to restart a previously initialized odev environment without re-creating it, or editing the HOWTO.  It reduces the steps in the script by moving the details into scripts in ./bin/ so that they're easier to run manually after, say, a reboot.  All the user interaction stays in HOWTO.

Actually, two other things change here:

1. Automated help for setting up your ssh keys in the virtual cobbler instance.  The HOWTO prompts you for a Launchpad user name to import keys from, but alternatively you can jam your ~/.ssh/id_*.pub into the cobbler server's ~/.ssh/authorized_keys.

2. The script now waits for the cobbler server's ssh server to come up before continuing.  Hopefully this will prove a bit more reliable that the fixed-length sleep I inserted earlier!

Alas, the virsh-listener isn't quite working for me yet.  The "range" argument (left unchanged from the original here) seems to preclude connections from the host system.  Was it meant to be run on the virtual cobbler server?

For more details, see:
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