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Status update (and some preliminary benchmarks)



First of all, this isn't quite a full status for Oxide - later this
week, I'm going to write a blog post detailing exactly where we are,
what things we've been working on and what things still need to be
completed. In future, I plan to do this more frequently and I will start
using this mailing list a bit more to do that.

For the benefit of people who don't already know, a few weeks ago we got
Oxide running on several devices:

- Nexus 4 (mako)
- Nexus 7 (grouper)
- Galaxy Nexus (maguro)

This allowed us to do some preliminary benchmarks, which we ran on the
Nexus 4 with a simple QML application that just embedded an Oxide webview:

- Peacekeeper - Oxide scores 555 on this. Unfortunately, the current
webkit powered webbrowser-app didn't make it to the end of this. As a
comparison, Chrome for Android scored 570, although this was on a
different device (my HTC One).

- Sunspider - Oxide scored 1291ms, compared to 1382ms with the current
webkit powered webbrowser-app.

Oxide also runs
http://webglsamples.googlecode.com/hg/aquarium/aquarium.html at between
30 and 35fps on the Nexus 4, which is quite an improvement over the
current webbrowser-app (which currently doesn't run webgl at all).

Although this is quite unscientific, what we've seen so far during
testing on the device is quite encouraging.

I'll have a more complete status later this week, and I'll post some
details of how to start testing Oxide too.

- Chris

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