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make distclean does not undo all changes


Hi there!
I am packaging PackageKit for Debian at time, since the Debconf issue has
now been solved we should have a chance to get it accepted. Sebastian has
not enough time, so I am doing this work instead.

While developing the deb-package, I found out that a 'make distclean' does
not reset the sources to their original state. This is a problem because
the package build scripts will automatically create a patch for all files
which differ.
This newly created patch will be applied every time the package is built.
You can find the patch I get at time here:
Could you please make automake remove all newly created files and make
sure 'make distclean' resets all data to the original state?
This would be very nice cause this issue is really ugly in the package.
Thanks & kind regards

P.S: The scripts also update the docs/api documentation. I already
excluded those files from the patch by restoring their original state