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Re: Build Problem on Ubuntu 9.10


Hi Don,

On 2010-04-02, Don Rozenberg <don.rozenberg@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> H,
> I would like to use pyexiv2 in a photo album program that I am writing
> but I had trouble building 0.2.0 on Ubuntu 9.10 with Python 2.6.4.
> The build hangs on the command:
> g++ -o build/libexiv2python.so -shared build/exiv2wrapper.os
> build/exiv2wrapper_python.os -lboost_python -lexiv2
> with the message that it is unable to locate libboost_python.  I have
> boost 1.38 installed on my machine and was able to locate in /usr/lib 
> libboost_python-mt-py26.a and libboost_python-mt-py26.so, so what I did
> was to make a symbolic link between /usr/lib/libboost_python-mt-py26.a
> and /usr/local/lib/libboost_python.a.   This allowed me to complete the
> build of pythonexiv2.  The tests then ran successfully.

You're hitting a known issue
(https://bugs.launchpad.net/pyexiv2/+bug/523858): on some
distributions/architectures, the boost libs have the -mt suffix and by
default pyexiv2's build system cannot find them.

Fortunately, there is a work around. Just invoke scons like this:

    scons BOOSTLIB=boost_python-mt

> My question is "What should I have done?".

Your solution works but has the drawback of messing with the system
install, which you probably want to avoid. If I were you I would remove
those symbolic links, it will save you some future headaches!

> Thanks, in Advance,
> Don

I hope this helps!