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please test alignment branch with dual monitors



I've created a branch (lp:~tiax/pyroom/alignment) of PyRoom that
allows to chose if the textbox should be aligned to the top of the
screen or to the center. Top-alignment would allow to disable borders
and add set input height to about 50%, in order to act more
"typewriter"-like, i.e. have the current line always on eye level in
the center of the screen.

I had to change the way we're positioning our input widget and I don't
own a second monitor for my laptop, so I'd need someone to test the
for correct positioning of all widgets and windows when using multiple

Please check out the branch from launchpad:

$ bzr branch lp:~tiax/pyroom/alignment

and run ./pyroom from the newly checked out branch. Please check if
all windows still show up correctly and test that newly added
orientation thing from the preferences gui.

If everything works as expected, I'll merge the branch into trunk.


Florian 'tiax' Heinle