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Packagers: input needed



[Ritesh, I've CC'd you here, but you may want to join the mailing list.]

I'll be making a new pytagsfs release to deal with bug #364586 [1].

I have a change on the way that fixes compatibility with the latest pyinotify
release.  However, I've decided that, in the long term, I'd like to drop
pyinotify in favor of inotifyx [2].  pyinotify has a habit of introducing a lot
of backwards-incompatible changes, and I don't like their API that much, either.
I feel pretty strongly about this decision, but I'd be open to input on that.

My real question, though, is about releases.  I can either make a single release
that drops pyinotify (0.9.1), or I can first make a pyinotify compatibility
release (0.9.1) followed by a separate release that moves to inotifyx (0.9.2).

Making two releases might be nice for packagers, since you wouldn't have to
package inotifyx right away in order to fix the breakage.  But if it would be
just as easy to package inotifyx along with the new pytagsfs release, I won't
bother making two releases.

I'm hoping to release today, if possible, so it would be good if you could reply
sooner rather than later.


[1] https://bugs.launchpad.net/pytagsfs/+bug/364586
[2] http://www.alittletooquiet.net/software/inotifyx/

Forest Bond

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