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Re: pytagsfs benchmarking


Hi Jean-Baptiste,

On Mon, Nov 02, 2009 at 12:04:39PM +0100, Jean-Baptiste wrote:
> A long time ago, i've contacted Forest about a quick'n dirty tool to bench the
> mounting time of pytagsfs but i didn't send anything to him due to a lack of
> time, shame on me ! I've made some cleanup to the original code and put it on a
> git repository.
> You can find it here : git clone git://jbdenis.net/git/pytagsfs-tests.git
> After that, you can launch a benchmark : ./bench_pytagsfs.py 0 1000 100
> --gnuplot test.png

Thanks for publishing this.  It seems like a useful tool for understanding
startup time.

> It looks like that up to 20000 files, the pytagsfs mounting time is quite
> linear. After that, it looks exponential with a shallow curve.
> I don't think the startup time needs improvements, it takes time that's all.

It could probably be improved.  I hope to have time to look at this someday.
When I do, I'm sure I'll make use of your benchmarking tool.  Perhaps it can be
integrated into the util directory of the pytagsfs tree.

> pytagsfs is a great piece of software. I think that data persistance between
> runs is the missing thing for widespread adoption and world domination ;)

I've been thinking about this lately.  It is probably the single most important
feature missing from pytagsfs right now (and an interesting problem, too).
Again, I really do hope to have time to look at this in the future.  I've been
pretty backed up with other things for a while, though.

> Thank you for pytagsfs and for sharing your work.

Always nice to hear a thank you!

Forest Bond

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