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Re: RQG: Planned incompatible change to config file locations



This proposed change has been implemented and pushed to the main RQG
branch on Launchpad with revno 350, revid


As well as actually categorizing the config files I also tried to update
some scripts and unit tests using them, but I may have missed something.
Feel free to fix or let me know if you notice related issues.

Hopefully it is easy to find the new location of any config file you are
using. Otherwise, try using a file search mechanism suitable for your OS.

If you try to use a configuration file that has been moved, without
updating the path to the file, you will hopefully see an error message
like this:

Unable to open() grammar conf/signal_resignal.yy: No such file or
directory at /blah/randgen/lib/GenTest/Grammar.pm line 94.
# 14:19:37 gentest.pl exited with exit status 2
Wed Feb 24 14:19:37 2010 [18511] runall.pl will exit with exit status 2

In this example case, updating the path to the grammar file (e.g. given
by the --grammar option to the RQG) from conf/signal_resignal.yy to
conf/runtime/signal_resignal.yy will resolve the issue.

thank you,


John Embretsen wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> RQG development branch: https://code.launchpad.net/~randgen/randgen/rqg2
> I propose to implement an *incompatible change* to the directory
> structure of the Random Query Generator, in order to define "categories"
> of tests and test resources.
> I plan to make this change in the middle of next week, specifically on
> Wednesday 2010-02-24 (unless someone objects strongly).
> If you pull from the randgen repository on Launchpad after that, beware
> of this change. Let me know if you think you need more time to adjust.
> This change will for example make it easier to maintain, run, monitor
> etc. a given group of tests, and we avoid ending up with a single
> directory with hundreds of various config files.
> The only directory to be affected is the RQG's "conf" directory.
> When implemented and deployed, this will mean that any scripts etc.
> referring to RQG configuration files (grammars (.yy), gendata files
> (.zz), etc.) need to be updated with correct file paths.
> Note that with this change, paths to config files as described in
> various bug reports will no longer work as described, however it should
> be easy to adjust as needed.
> Example change:
> Old: perl runall.pl --grammar=conf/signal_resignal.yy (...)
> New: perl runall.pl --grammar=conf/runtime/signal_resignal.yy (...)