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A randgen coding question - getting child process id's on a per-query basis.


Hi everyone,

I'm writing to seek some coding guidance for an randgen enhancement I'm
If debug and/or sqltrace is on, I would like to know which child process
generated which query.  We're testing our transaction log and this
information would make debugging our concurrency tests much easier.

I have looked through the source code and I'm not seeing anything that's
screaming out as a starting point.  I'm kind of stuck on having this code
live in the Drizzle Executor as I don't want to sully anyone else's code,
but it seems like it would take a bit of effort to get the GenTest child
process' id to the Executor.  Of course, I'm still learning to wrap my mind
around the deviant mutations of logic that is known as perl so I'm probably
missing something obvious ; )

Any recommendations or thoughts are most welcome.


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