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Re: Randgen all-inclusive test


Hi Matthias,

First - thank you for the comprehensive reply.

On 4/01/2011 5:16 AM, Matthias Leich wrote:
And the*art*  is to stop this walk/give up before you become inefficient on your way
into direction c).

Very good point. There seems to be a point at which any testing code/solution (or part thereof) is "exhausted" for possibilities (c), and that is (I am thinking here of "general testing of the server", not of specific tests for a specific WL/function/code area) probably the time to re-start (b) or (a).

On 4/01/2011 5:16 AM, Matthias Leich wrote:
Just use all this as quarry. Reuse whatever code or idea and maybe detect that
it is unusable, could be drastic improved ....

Yes, this seems an effective way to quickly build [good/comprehensive(/complex)] testing setups when combined with new personal ideas/strategies.

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Roel Van de Paar, Senior Technical Support Engineer
MySQL @ Oracle Corporation, Asia-Pacific