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Issues with RQG and drizzledump?



I read your presentation, it would be nice if the RQG photo you provided gets indexed by Google to show up in Google Image Search when searching for RQG :-)

From the RQG limitations that you describe, the only one I was not aware of
were the issues you had when testing drizzledump. Can you elaborate a bit more on that?

It seems that what you did is in the area of testing semisynchronous replication and provisioning a new slave via replaying the binlog. For both of those we have RQG tests that have been quite flaky and it took me some time to stabilize.

Therefore, your experience will be important in determining the proper limits in RQG usage -- right now I must admit I am very biased towards the RQG and that seems to have infested all of MySQL, MariaDB and Drizzle together.

Philip Stoev