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Re: --sqltrace: OK to mark bad queries?


On 09/29/2011 10:26 AM, John H. Embretsen wrote:


The suggested changes are now in the randgen tree on Launchpad. See
revid john.embretsen@xxxxxxxxxx-20110928192605-7ffumru4ipcja7h0.

Invalid queries are now prefixed with

# [sqltrace] ERROR<errno>:

when using --sqltrace and the MySQL executor.

Based on some feedback I have made this new behavior optional:

--sqltrace will print all statements, no extra prefixes or markings.

--sqltrace=MarkErrors will print all statements, but prefix "invalid" statements with the string mentioned above.

This is so that it would be possible to retain the old behavior for users who use the SQL trace to reproduce issues that depend on statements that cause errors or crashes.

This change will likely be merged to the randgen Launchpad branch soon (revid john.embretsen@xxxxxxxxxx-20111111073859-oxikhqbgn2a9gw7o).