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Re: A couple notes and suggestions


thanks for your feedback!

Am 02.09.2011 02:12, schrieb Steven Xu:

- If a tag is being updated or created on a particular day, I think
   searches on its category, text or tag should be updated.
You're right. This should (and hopefully will) be done.
- There should also be a way to assign shortcuts to insertion and
Do you mean shortcuts for "Insert File" and "Insert Picture"? There are already shortcuts for formatting, do you want to change them?
In addition, I think perhaps the format button should be
   able to format selected tags as well as selected text.
This should already be possible, right?
- When the annotate button is selected or if a search is made, I think
   the previously selected annotation or search category should be
Good idea. I added it to the TODO list.
- Is there a reason for a drop down menu when clicking Template, Insert
   or Format?
What would be the alternative?
- I have set my desktop environment to display text in whiteish and the
   background in blackish. The tag highlighting is yellow, which does
   not agree with the white text very well. I don't think this is a
   large issue, but it would be nice to have the option to change
   highlighting colour.
I searched for an option to change that, but couldn't find anything with a quick google search. If anybody knows or finds out how to chnage this, please tell me.
- A bug I noticed; I haven't really wanted to retry since I did it, but
   when I had RedNotebook maximized, and I dragged the resize bar
   between the search and the journal area all the way to the right, it
   froze my desktop. I'm not sure this can be really fixed or if it
   happens in desktop environments other than xfce, but you might make
   the areas have a minimum size.
That seems to be an xfce bug. The editor pane has a minimum size, the left and right sides should not be given a minimum size, since that should be easily hideable.


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