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RedNotebook 1.3 beta1


Hello everyone,
I have created a tarball [1] and a Windows installer [2] for the next
RedNotebook release.

Please try them and check if everything works. I am very interested in
your feedback, because many new features and bugfixes have been added:

* Let tags be categories without entries. This greatly simplifies and in
fact unifies tags and categories.
* Unify clouds and search -> Show the search bar above the clouds
  When a search is made, substitute the word cloud with the search results.
* Apply styling for thick horizontal lines
  - Thin line:  --------------------
  - Thick line: ====================
* Apply formatting only once if a format button is clicked multiple times
* Allow "Close to tray" only on Windows as most modern Linux distros
don't have a tray anymore (lp:902228)
  If you still want the tray icon, set closeToTray=1 in the
configuration file.
* Make journal saving more than twice as fast by using libyaml.
* Change Ctrl-PageUp(Down) directions to be more intuitive
* Update and revise help text
* Fix: utf-8 special chars not displayed correctly in html export for
firefox (LP:910094)
* Fix: Do not abort if a wrong regex is entered
* Fix: Correctly highlight all picture formats in edit mode
* Fix: When the format button is clicked and a tag is selected, format
it instead of the editor pane
* Write month only if changes are actually made (LP:871730)
* Call categories tags in more places
* Print PDF export path after export
* Do not warn if second instance is suspected (too many false-positives)
* Updated translations

Trying the tarball is very easy on Linux: Just extract the package and
execute the "run" script. This will translate everything, install the
dependencies and run RedNotebook without affecting your installed
version. However, you should make a backup of your journal first.

Please give the beta a spin and tell me if you find any bugs. You can
still translate RedNotebook for your language at [3].

[1] http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4780737/rednotebook-1.3.0-beta1.tar.gz
[2] http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4780737/rednotebook-1.3-beta1.exe
[3] https://translations.launchpad.net/rednotebook/trunk/+pots/rednotebook


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