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Re: ppa stable has version 1.4 not version 1.5


Hi Jendrik

I've received a email explaining that a build had failed, and i still have
1.4 version in the ppa, hope you can fix int when you have time.

Meanwhile i'll keep using the version 1.4 for my diary. Does the 1.5
program convert the diary form 1.4 format to 1.5 ? i've noticed that in 1.4
there's a file for each month and in 1.5 there's a file for each day.

I'm writing a diary in ubuntu for a long time and your software was exactly
the tool i dreamed for it.

I have some ideas to give, i'm a computer programmer so i can imagine which
are easyer to implement. Once i'll use the program for a while i'll send
them to this list.

This is the content of the mail i received, i noticed that the build failed

 * Source Package: rednotebook
 * Version: 1.5.0-0~natty1
 * Architecture: i386
 * Archive: rednotebook-stable PPA
 * Component: main
 * State: Failed to build
 * Duration: 5 minutes
 * Build Log:
 * Builder: https://launchpad.net/builders/sandpaperfig
 * Source: not available

Thank you very much


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