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Switching Between notebooks


Would it be possible to add a button that would toggle between notebooks?
Work vs Home. I take my fast work laptop home. When I'm at work I'm adding
work related notes. I would like to switch between home rednotebook easily.

Currently you can do it by clicking "Open" and select different folder.
Then when switching back to work, you have to do the same.

1. Could we add a setting under preferences "2nd notebook path" ,"2nd
notebook Name".
2. If set a new button is added to UI. The name of the button is value of
"2nd notebook name".
3. When clicked the button; it would save current ,switch to new path in a
same fashion as Journal -> "open".
3b. When switch is complete the button changes to "Main".
4.  If pressed it saves and uses Journal -> open and opens the default path.

Let me know if that is doable.
Thank you.

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