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Re: [Question #181462]: about feedback curr


Question #181462 on rohc changed:

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Didier Barvaux proposed the following answer:

The "feedback curr" trace represents a sort of ratio of decompression failures over decompression successes:
 - Every time the decompressor succeeds to decompress a packet, it removes
   "okval" from "curval".
 - Every time the decompressor fails to decompress a packet, it adds "errval" to
   "curval". If "curval" is greater than "maxval" and the decompressor is not in
   undirectional mode, then a Negative ACK (NACK) is transmitted to the compressor.
 - Every time the decompressor processes a packet (ie. both success or failure),
   it compares 'curval' to 'maxval'.

Does it clarify the situation?

The names of variables (curval/errval/okval/maxval) were badly chosen. And the overall
algorithm is not documented. One task more to add to the TODO list I think :-)


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