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Re: [Question #189821]: about "code_UO_packet_tail"


Question #189821 on rohc changed:

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Didier Barvaux proposed the following answer:

The code_UO_packet_tail() function builds the tail of the UO-0, UO-1 and
UOR-2 packets as defined in RFC 3095. The UO* packets share several
fields in common at their very end. The code_UO_packet_tail() function
builds these fields.

The code_UO_packet_tail() function is fully described there (the fields it builds are described there too):

The code_UO_packet_tail() function is called by the functions that builds the UO-0, UO-1 and UOR-2 packets:
 - code_UO0_packet(): http://rohc-lib.org/doc/rohc-doc-trunk-latest/c__generic_8c.html#abe107e1241b979edf600a80f8d08be5a
 - code_UO1_packet(): http://rohc-lib.org/doc/rohc-doc-trunk-latest/c__generic_8c.html#ad62cac140beb1066eb0c84eb11ce0751
 - code_UO2_packet(): http://rohc-lib.org/doc/rohc-doc-trunk-latest/c__generic_8c.html#af0f0e82ad7d5359772be02cc45144056


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