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Re: [Question #190324]: about pcap file "test\report\samples\ipv4\udp\rtp\voip"


Question #190324 on rohc changed:

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Didier Barvaux proposed the following answer:

The RTP frames contains data referenced as Payload Type (PT) = 114. A
search on the web reports that PT=114 refers to x-msrta. This format
seems to used in MSN messenger. So the capture was probably a dump of a
MSN messenger audio chat. However I do not know how to listen to it.
Probably dump all RTP payloads in a file then find a compatible audio

About your last words "to make sure that the voice is acceptable after
decompressing": ROHC compression is lossless, so the decompressed
packets are functionally equivalent (if not equal bit per bit) to the
source packets. Except if you find bugs, the voice after decompression
is as acceptable as the voice before compression.


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