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[Question #191105]: when should it send a feedback in O-mode


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In ROHC 3095 5.7.6, "when decompression fails, feedback SHOULD be sent only when decompression of several consecutive packets has failed, and when this occurs, the feedback rate SHOULD be limited;", "A decompressor MAY limit the feedback rate by sending feedback only for one out of every k packets provoking the same (kind of) feedback.". Does it mean "k" should be consecutive?  

In ROHC 3095, "In the Full Context state: When the CRC check of k_1 out of the last n_1 decompressed packets have failed, context damage SHOULD be assumed and a NACK SHOULD be sent in O- and R-mode." . Should the k_1 be consecutive? If k_1 is not consecutive, should it send a feedback?

Thank you.


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