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Re: [Question #195843]: What is needed for RoHC with SIP?


Question #195843 on rohc changed:

Didier Barvaux posted a new comment:

> > There are not incompatible: you can use SIGCOMP to compress the payloads of the IP/UDP/SIP packets
> > and ROHC for the headers of the IP/UDP/SIP and IP/UDP/RTP packets.
> So both could be used at the same time. What are the caveats? CPU power of a mobile?

Yes, CPU power. Maybe a little bit of latency due to computing, but
that's probably negligible.

> > SigComp will only compress the SIP signaling
> > According to the work mentioned above, this reduced the size of the SIP signalling part up to
> > 90% and helps to speed up the connection time in a wireless setup in the order of 15%.
> Now what would be the gain if ROHC with a 41% gain for a packet would be added?

No gain for connection time. Gain for bandwidth for sure.


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