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Support of RFC4996 RoHC-TCP


 Hello all,

To complete the RoHC library, I add code to support profile 0x0006 (RoHC-TCP) in the current trunk (rev 335).

I send it to request comments/tests/corrections/validations/suggestions ...

 Main files are :
  comp/c_tcp.h comp/c_tcp.c comp/c_rohc_lib.c
  decomp/d_tcp.h decomp/d_tcp.c decomp/d_rohc_lib.c

 Not yet supported :
  - generic TCP option
  - context replication

 To use it :
  cd /tmp
  tar -xvzf add_esp_tcp.tgz
  then ./undiff.sh
to download current brach (335), to patch soucres files and add new ones, and then to rebuild all.

 Non-regression tests are ok for non TCP protocoles.

 Sources for support of RFC5225 (RoHC v2) will follow later.

 Best regards,


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