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Re: useless ceil() calls


> > Linux kernel support would a great thing. There is Launchpad
> > blueprint on this subject [2]. Is it planned to make the
> > modifications public?
> Yes, take a look at kernel_module.patch.

Great! Thanks for this contribution. I'll try to take a deeper look at
it next weekend.

> It allows to build rohc library as linux kernel module. The main issue
> here is lack of standard c library in kernel. So, I just created bunch
> of libc header wrappers to use similar kernel functions. Actually,
> It's not a good idea to get implicit dual-targeting this way, but it
> woks for now.

Not ideal but I'm not sure we can do any better. I had to re-define some
elements for Windows support too. It is not merged in the trunk for the
moment [1], but it is probably worth merging some re-definitions for
kernel and Windows together.

[1] https://code.launchpad.net/~didier-barvaux/+junk/rohc-main-windows

> Anyways, this ad-hoc solution points out some
> portability issues (you really should rename rohc.c to rohc_common.c)
> and may serve as a good start.

I'm curious. What's the problem with the name "rohc.c"?


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