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Re: [Question #204833]: is any rohc with TCP profile support avaiable for download?


 Hello Saadan,

 See the previous question of Farahj and the answer of Didier and me :

I sent a patch to had support of TCP the May 5, 2012, for the trunk rev 335.

You can retrieve the sources from trunk at revision 335 with the
following command:
 $ bzr branch -r 335 lp:rohc rohc-trunk-rev335
 $ cd rohc-trunk-rev335

You need a piece of software called Bazaar (its command is 'bzr'). It
helps managing sources. You may find some documentation there:

You may then:
 1/ apply the patch you already downloaded,
 2/ configure the library,
 3/ build the library,
 4/ run some tests of your choice.

For steps 2 & 3, see https://answers.launchpad.net/rohc/+faq/635
For step 4, see https://answers.launchpad.net/rohc/+faq/639

The TCP profile for RoHC is not finalized, but you are welcome to help us ... 90/95% of the code is ok.

Best regards,


Le 02/08/2012 11:41, saadan ansari a écrit :
New question #204833 on rohc:

Is any ROHC with TCP support avaiable for download?