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Re: [Question #228952]: I can reliably crash iprohc client


Question #228952 on rohc changed:

    Status: Needs information => Open

matthew gave more information on the question:
Thanks Didier, I do belong to the mailing list, but I dont know if I
have ever received an email.  If you dont mind, could you explain what
the difference is between submitting by email and through launchpad?
That is, what is the advantage, I'm just curious, I will use the mailing
list when I find the way.

The version of the iprohc is 0.7 I think.  I looked in the change long and saw the last two entries as (don't know how else to check):
 However when I use iprohc_client --help it prints that its 0.4, so I don't know which is accurate.

Release 0.7 (XX Xxx 201x)
	Not published yet.

Release 0.6 (25 Mar 2013)
	Do not use static variables in threaded functions.
	At client, filter traffic on destination IP address to avoid mixing
		traffic between several clients.
	Do not print syslog 

My rohc lib is version 1.6 (it has to be for iprohc to compile I think)
I dont know what subversion it might be, I do not know how to check
again the last entries in the ChangeLog are:

XX XXX 201X - release 1.6.0
  Acknowledgments for bug reports and/or bug fixes:
    FWX, Elisabeth, Viveris Technologies, Yura.
  Main changes:
  Build system:
  Bug fixes:

The size of my test file is 694k, its actually just rohc 1.5.1 zip and
tar'd from your website :D

I will upload the core shortly

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