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Re: [Question #228952]: I can reliably crash iprohc client


Question #228952 on rohc changed:

Didier Barvaux posted a new comment:

> Thanks Didier, I do belong to the mailing list, but I dont know if I have
> ever received an email.

It seems you're not subscribed, see [1]. Please go to [2].

> If you dont mind, could you explain what the
> difference is between submitting by email and through launchpad?
> That is, what is the advantage, I'm just curious, I will use the mailing
> list when I find the way.

It would avoid me and you typing long answers in the unfriendly editor
of the launchpad website. In general, email clients got better text
editors :)

> The version of the iprohc is 0.7 I think. I looked in the change long
> and saw the last two entries as (don't know how else to check):

Version 0.7 is not released yet. Please type the following command at the root of IP/ROHC sources:
 $ bzr revno

> However when I use iprohc_client --help it prints that its 0.4, so
> I don't know which is accurate.

Arg, my bad, I forgot to update that number... Now fixed in bzr. Thank
you for pointing it. I also added the bzr revision if the binaries were
built from bzr.

> My rohc lib is version 1.6 (it has to be for iprohc to compile I think)
> I dont know what subversion it might be, I do not know how to check
> again the last entries in the ChangeLog are:
> [...]

ROHC version 1.6.0 is not released yet, so that's probably a bzr version. Please type the following command at the root of ROHC library sources:
 $ bzr revno

I will update the autotools configuration to append the bzr revision
number to the version number. So trunk version will be numbered
X.Y.Z~rev (example 1.6.0~725). It will avoid confusion next time.

> The size of my test file is 694k, its actually just rohc 1.5.1 zip and
tar'd from your website :D


> Oh also I'm using RedHat 6.



[1] https://launchpad.net/~rohc/+members#active
[2] http://launchpad.net/~rohc/+join

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