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[Question #229367]: three parameters


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Good morning,Didier:
             As for the rohc-1.5.1.tar.bz2,there is a struct rohc_comp with three parameters (size_t feedbacks_first; size_t  feedbacks_first_unlocked;size_t  feedbacks_next) in it,can you explain the meaning and fundamentals  of them in detail, I  can not understand them clearly.
             In addtion, for the tunnel.c in the app/tunnel/ sub-directory of the library source code, at the end of the main(,,,), a function  flush_feedback(comp,udp,raddr,port) is called,what is the meanings for this action?  don't the feedback data be sent to the UDP socket  together with the outgoing packets  in the rohc_compress(...)? Thank you.


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