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Re: [Question #229409]: How to know flow of packet after be compressed


Question #229409 on rohc changed:

Didier Barvaux proposed the following answer:
> As far as my understanding we cant use IP/ROHC tunnel behind NAT?
> so if i want to use ROHC behind nat i need UDP tunnel, right? is there
> any plan for udp tunnel to make as IP/ROHC Client/Server architecture.

It depends on the NAT gateway. If IP packets with protocol field set to
142 are accepted, it should work.

For the ROHC over UDP tunnel application that is located in the
app/tunnel/ directory in the sources of the ROHC library, there is no
plan to make it more robust. It is a demo application.

If you require tunneling over UDP, you may enhance the IP/ROHC
application to support UDP encapsulation in addition to IP. That could
be an interesting feature. Changes would be limited. I would agree to
merge them in the IP/ROHC sources.


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