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Re: [Question #229448]: about feedback


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Friedrich requested more information:
Hi Didier,

Following the two feedback methods, I am wondering at what kind of
condition(s) the second feedback method (sent alone) will be triggered.

For example, I have a log under a high error-rate channel showing:


/decomp/rohc_decomp.c:951 d_optimistic_feedback()] send a NACK feedback
/decomp/feedback.c:76 f_feedback2()] FEEDBACK-2: first 4 bits = 0x60 (ACK type = 1, mode = 2)
/decomp/feedback.c:80 f_feedback2()] FEEDBACK-2: transmit SN = 0x0000000a on 12 bits
/decomp/feedback.c:82 f_feedback2()] FEEDBACK-2: 4 bits of SN = 0x0
/decomp/feedback.c:84 f_feedback2()] FEEDBACK-2: 8 bits of SN = 0x0a
/decomp/feedback.c:387 f_wrap_feedback()] add CRC option to feedback
/comp/rohc_comp.c:1159 c_piggyback_feedback()] try to add 4 byte(s) of feedback to the next outgoing ROHC packet
/comp/rohc_comp.c:1191 c_piggyback_feedback()] 4 byte(s) of feedback added to the next outgoing ROHC packet

The version is 1.5.1. From this log, I presume it used piggyback
feedback-2.  Can you give me an example of rohc_debugf message showing
the sent-alone feedback? (So that I can tell it from piggyback feedback
in my log. )


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