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Re: [Question #229419]: What protocol number should be for RTP header compression


Question #229419 on rohc changed:

    Status: Needs information => Open

Wei Wang gave more information on the question:
Hi Didier,

Looks like UDP headers can't be randomly defined. Below is how I defined.
    /* fake UDP headers, 8 bytes */
	udp_packet[0] = 0x05; /* Source address */
	udp_packet[1] = 0x06;
	udp_packet[2] = 0x05; /* Destination address */
	udp_packet[3] = 0x06;
        udp_packet_len = 36;  // 8 bytes UDP headers, 12 bytes RTP headers, and 16 bytes payload
	udp_packet[4] = (udp_packet_len >> 8) & 0xff; /* Total Length */
	udp_packet[5] = udp_packet_len & 0xff;
	udp_packet[6] = 0x00; /* fake Checksum */
	udp_packet[7] = 0x00;

In fact, the checksum will be recalculated based on RFC768 in each loop.
I occasionally gave some values to udp headers and got ideal results, 21
bytes after compression and decompression was successful as well. But
this doesn't make sense.

Yes, I used the same decompressor. I just used the compressed result as
the input of the decompressor. If the compressed packet size was 21 or
24, then decompress failed.

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